Meet Maya!

A young white femme smiles towards the camera. They wear round glasses and an orange, brown, and white tartan vest, and have a bright yellow flower behind their hair. Behind them is a garden full of lavender and dotted with red flowers, and two apple trees covered in white blossoms stand in the background.

The Short Version

Hello all, I am a birth, life, and death doula and

  • I believe that doulas can provide meaningful care at many stages of life
  • I hold space for queer people and the many unique internal and external challenges experienced during pregnancy and childbirth
  • I support disabled folks and understand the specialized knowledge and traumas many have with medical care
  • I feel that mutual trust and respect is key to any doula/client relationship
  • I view my role as a doula as being to serve as an extension of your will
  • I value stories as a means to understand and guide our lives
  • I commit to helping you find the right doula once you message me, whether that is me or someone else

The Longer Version

From the first page to the epilogue, our lives tend to present us with challenges and force us to adapt in ways we don’t expect. During these overwhelming times, the practical comfort and level head that doulas provide helps you through the process of making informed decisions based on YOUR needs.

I view doulas as people who help others take control over their decision-making. I have done this work in many forms: on a large with scale community organizing and gardens that supply medicine and food, on a small scale with peer counseling and advising. Nothing has brought me as much love and joy, however, as working closely with a person or family and encouraging their wisdom.

When I learned of doulas and the model of practical, emotional, and logistical support we give, I both celebrated finding something that so perfectly fit with my values and beliefs and mourned that it wasn’t more common and available. I strongly believe that everyone who wants a doula should have access to one – not just for birth, but as an important part of navigating our medical system. I knew quickly that I wanted to work as a birth doula, but also expand and offer that compassionate care and advocacy to people who need it while visiting doctors and addressing the various health issues we experience as people with bodies and minds. I view the whole of our lives as something that can be made better with care and support, and I hope to help you live the story you want to tell.

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