Birth Doula Services

Great job making it this far!

If you’re here reading this, you’ve had some journey already! Pull up a chair, rest your feet, and take a look around. I’d love to accompany you on the next leg of your travels if you’ll have me.

What do doulas DO?

I’m glad you asked! Understanding what it is that we do and don’t do is important to having a good relationship with your doula, and that relationship is key to our work! What makes us special is that we are experts on birth that will be focused on your mental and emotional well-being throughout the process of giving birth. While a doctor, nurse, or midwife might be focused on making sure you’re physically healthy, we make sure there’s someone in the room whose primary concern is with you as a person. To make this happen, we’ll meet with you before your birth, we’ll show up once your labor starts and stay with you until your baby is born and settled in, and we follow up with you in the days and weeks after your birth to make sure you’re doing alright.

What makes you special?

I approach my work as a doula with a very particular mindset and with a very specialized set of experiences. For my mindset, I view myself as an extension of your will. This means I will work with you before your birth with the goal of being able to act according to your wishes and can ease the pressure on you and those supporting you. You shouldn’t be pulled out of your experience to run the show any more than you want to be. As for my experiences, I live life as a queer disabled person. I live, love, and cry in a body that requires me to contemplate my needs and find ways of keeping them centered while working collaboratively with both traditional and alternative medical systems. You can’t find a better guide than someone who lives and breathes the waters you now traverse.